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Events & Workshops

PTPL holds an annual meeting and offers occasional workshops and trainings.  Suggestions for potential workshops are welcome.

Upcoming events

    • 03 Jun 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Online
    • 11
    Registration is closed

    When: June 03, 9am to 3pm 


    Develop skills to transform your spreadsheets and MARC records with OpenRefine in this interactive workshop. Through instructor-led exercises, participants will utilize basic and advanced OpenRefine functions to manipulate, enhance, and reconcile messy bibliographic data in spreadsheet and MARC record formats.

    Participants of all experience levels will leave the workshop with demonstrated proficiency in OpenRefine as well as Google Refine Expression Language (GREL) scripts which can be adapted for local use.

    Course website: https://www.dombortruex.us/courses/metadata-makeover  

    Learning Environment:

    This interactive workshop will be hosted on Zoom. Attendees will view demonstrations and participate in instructor-led exercises. A course website containing the schedule, source files, exercises, supplementary materials, and installation instructions will be available for participants.

    Technology Requirements:

    • Computer with administrator privileges
    • OpenRefine (version 3.5.2) 
      - Download here
      - Installation help
    • MarcEdit (version 7.5.x)
      - Download here

    Registration Information:

    Registration is $25 and is limited to 25 participants. Please register and pay online by credit card/PayPal. Registration will remain open until all seats have been filled. You will receive an email confirmation of registration.

    *** Cancellation refund will be issued minus PayPal fee.

    Instructor's Bio: 

    Dom Bortruex is the Manager of the Monographic FastCat Unit at Yale University. He is also an MLIS instructor at Kent State University’s MLIS program. He enjoys developing efficient, semi-automated workflows and implementing new technologies to make information accessible and interactive for users.

Past events

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