Potomac Technical Processing Librarians (PTPL) announces the availability of two $1,000 scholarships for future librarians interested in technical services. Students living or working in the PTPL membership region (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and who are currently enrolled in an ALA-accredited Library and/or Information Science program, including distance education programs, are invited to apply.

Criteria Requirements for the Award:

The applicant must
1. be a full or part-time student in an ALA-accredited Library and/or Information Science at the Master's level at the time of the award and have completed at least one three-hour credit course;
2. demonstrate an interest in library technical services through employment, course of study, or research interests. Technical services is work "…dedicated to acquisition, identification, cataloging, classification, and preservation of all kinds of library materials." (see: ALCTS,, and;
3. be employed or living in the PTPL membership region (Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia).

To apply, please submit the following materials:
  1. PTPL scholarship application (2017PTPLscholarshipApplication.docx)
  2. Two written references
  3. Current resume
  4. One-page, double spaced statement of the applicant’s interest in library technical services
Please submit all materials in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), plain text (.txt), or PDF (.pdf) format to Lynda Aldana at

References are accepted from two faculty members OR one faculty member and your current supervisor.  References should be able to address your potential or experience in library technical services.  Letters may be emailed directly from the faculty member of your supervisor to Lynda Aldana at

Incomplete application packets and those received after the application deadline will not be considered.

DEADLINE TO APPLY:  June 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT

The scholarships will be awarded by August 31, 2017 and publicly announced at the annual PTPL meeting in the fall.  The recipients will receive a free one-year membership in PTPL and have registration fees for the annual conference waived.


1. Advertisement

The Board will advertise the availability of the PTPL scholarship through local graduate schools, the PTPL website and mailings.

2. Time table

Deadline for applying for the scholarship will be June 30 (or as determined by the current Board). Review of applications will begin immediately. The scholarship will be awarded by Aug. 31. Official announcement of the award will be made at the annual meeting in October.

3. Eligibility

A candidate may be eligible to receive the scholarship twice, in non-consecutive years.

4. Funding

A separate scholarship account will be created to manage the fund. $5 from individual membership dues will be allocated for the fund. Members may make additional contributions to the fund. Memorial or honorary contributions will also be accepted.

5. Selection

All Board members will review all scholarship applications. The Chair-elect will be responsible for receiving applications and making copies for other Board members. Each Board member will rank the applicants according to an agreed upon set of criteria. Final selection will be based on the rankings, letters of recommendation and final deliberation among Board members.

6. Unrestricted grant

The scholarship will be an unrestricted grant paid to the recipient in order to defer any costs associated with tuition, books or living expenses.

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